What is a “tennis bracelet”?

Tennis bracelets have long been considered the “little black dress” of the jewellery world. Smart, sassy and a wardrobe essential! But, what is a tennis bracelet and where did the name come from.

The iconic name of associated with these gorgeous pieces of jewellery is relatively recent, dating back to 1987 and involving a on-court incident at the US Open. During the last tennis grand slam of the year, Chris Evert, perhaps the most stylish of the era’s tennis greats, was playing a match whilst wearing her trade-mark signature accessory – a diamond eternity bracelet. Made entirely of diamonds, the flexible, sinuous design allowed Evert to look stylish during every moment of the game. During a particularly long rally in her match, Evert’s tennis bracelet snapped and fell off, and she insisted officials halt the game whilst Evert (and the officials) searched the court for the missing bracelet. It was eventually found and, from that moment, the diamond eternity bracelet became known as a “tennis bracelet”.

Typically set with round brilliant diamonds, tennis bracelets have also been made with tanzanites, morganites, rubies, sapphires and many other gemstones. At Katannuta Diamonds, we have diamond tennis bracelets starting in size from 2ct total diamond weight, increasing in size to 10cts. We also have stocks of diamond bangles and can also manufacture tennis bracelets or bangles to your exact tastes and specifications.

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