At Katannuta Diamonds, we’re a firm believer in the concept that all love is equal and that #lovealwayswins. Whether your love crosses religious or colour boundaries, or is a same-sex love, we’re here to help you celebrate it with the perfect engagement and wedding rings. We recently became aware of an instance in Cape Town, where a woman wanted to order same-sex wedding rings for herself and her girlfriend, and a local jeweller refused to assist them.

Lesbian couple wedding rings
In South Africa, same-sex weddings have been legal since November 2006.

In a much publicised incident that took place earlier this month, a Cape Town jeweller not only declined to assist these ladies with their wedding bands, but went so far as to lecture the client from a biblical perspective. South Africa has one of the most progressive constitutions in the world and same-sex marriages have been legal here since November 2006. Whilst everybody is entitled to their own beliefs, it is illegal for business owners to discriminate against clients based on their sexual orientation.

For 12 years, Katannuta Diamonds has been helping gay and lesbian couples across South Africa with their dream engagement and wedding rings. Often, couples will want matching wedding rings and with our bespoke approach, we can design and manufacture your perfect rings.

Gay men's wedding rings in South Africa
White and rose gold matching wedding rings for Andrew and Chris.

For same-sex couples that don’t want matching rings, you may want both rings to share a similar element, like the addition of a particular gemstone, or the same colour gold incorporated in the design. Because our same-sex wedding rings are all manufactured to order, we can work on a design unique to you, with all elements of the rings tailored to your requirements.

Titanium rings have traditionally been popular with men, as they are lightweight, durable and can be manufactured into a huge range of styles. We’ve seen many of our gay female clients go for the “traditional” type of engagement rings, with diamonds and other gemstones, but equally popular have been designs like simple eternity rings.

Same-sex wedding rings for men

If you are a same-sex couple in South Africa who are getting married and are looking for the perfect wedding rings, give us a call today. We promise you an amazing experience with exceptional service levels, outstanding workmanship and the best gemstones available in South Africa. After all, we like nothing more than looking after family members.

Lesbian couple wedding rings
Matching ladies’ diamond and platinum wedding rings.

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