Salt and pepper diamonds have thrived in South Africa in 2020, and Katannuta Diamonds has some brand-new stock to help satisfy your salt and pepper craving! It’s fair to say that 2020 was a tough year economically, and as jobs have been lost and currencies have crashed, many South African shoppers have turned towards economically viable engagement rings.

Many people have found the prices of regular gem quality diamonds prohibitive and have turned to salt and pepper diamonds as an alternative. With exactly the same hardness as “traditional” diamonds, i.e. 10 out of 10 on the gemstone hardness scale, salt and pepper diamonds are as resistant to wear and tear and as perfectly suited for everyday use as regular diamonds.

One of the key appeals to these unique gemstones is that each one is different. The so-called salt and pepper effect is a result of the natural imperfections and flaws within the stone, and no two diamonds will ever have the same position, intensity or arrangement of flaws. Additionally, many of these imperfect diamonds are cut into shapes that you’re hard-pressed to find in traditional diamonds, including hexagons, shields, kites and fan-shapes.

A significant number of salt and pepper diamonds are rose cut, with flat bottoms and faceted tops. The flat base of the gems means that they are perfect for people who want rings that sit flat on their fingers (traditional diamonds have a pavilion which adds depth to the stone, raising it off the finger). Some salt and pepper diamonds are full faceted stones, meaning that their cut is the same as traditional diamonds, and these cuts will sometimes demand a premium in the market place.

Katannuta Diamonds has some brand-new salt and pepper diamonds in stock in our Johannesburg office, exclusively available to our clients. Like all commodities, prices are set in US dollars and the ZAR price will depend on the exchange rate at the time of purchase. All of these diamonds are available to purchase either as loose gems, or for us to set in a unique ring designed and manufactured for you by Katannuta Diamonds. Send us an email via our contact form or give us a call (details on contact page) to set an appointment for a personal consultation.

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