Salt and Pepper Diamond Rings

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind salt and pepper diamond ring in South Africa, Katannuta Diamonds is here to help. All our rings are made to order in Johannesburg, in our proudly South African workshop. With unique shapes and colours, these alternative diamonds are proving to be a hit with South African brides. 

One of the advantages of being an independent private jeweller, like Katannuta Diamonds, is that we can act on and embrace jewellery trends at much faster rate than big-name retail jewellers or franchise jewellery stores. When we got our first enquiry for a “grey diamond” about 5 years ago, we didn’t think anything of it, other than wondering why somebody would want a grey diamond. It turns out that those first enquiries on grey diamonds were the forerunner of what was to become the salt and pepper diamond trend.

Now, 5 years on, a big name South African retail jewellery chain is actively advertising salt and pepper diamond rings, bringing them to the forefront of consumer consciousness. Alternative diamond engagement rings are proving a worthy competitor to the white diamond engagement ring “tradition” so carefully cultivated by De Beers over the past 80 years. From lab-grown diamonds, to black diamonds and salt and pepper diamonds, shoppers are looking for something stand out, and they’re finding the perfect combination of price and uniqueness in salt and pepper diamond engagement rings. US jewellery designers are describing salt and pepper diamonds as a “bride’s best friend”.

Salt and pepper diamonds are available in special shapes that would normally be impossible to find in regular diamonds. These include kites, hexagons, shields, pentagons, heptagons and fans. These shapes allow jewellery designers to create true, one-of-a-kind salt and pepper diamond engagement rings, where creativity is the order of the day and conventional design rules are thrown aside.

Katannuta Diamonds has manufactured salt and pepper diamond engagement rings for many happy South Africa residents over the past 3 years. We’d love you to help you with your unique engagement ring. Each of our designs starts with you choosing your perfect loose salt and pepper diamond, around which we’ll then design and manufacture your own one-off ring, right here in Johannesburg, South Africa. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.