Black Diamond Rings

Our black diamond rings and engagement rings are made to order right here in South Africa. Black diamonds are, contrary to popular belief, the cheapest colour of diamond. Their black colour, often with a metallic lustre, provides a striking look for anybody looking to make a statement with their diamond ring. Browse our selection of designs, or reach out to us with your own black diamond ring creation, and join the black diamond revolution. 

Black diamond engagement rings are growing in popularity in South Africa. As diamond prices have gone up, and the strength of our currency has gone down, shoppers have been looking for affordable alternatives in the engagement ring market. Despite being considered a fancy colour diamond, black diamonds have the cheapest price point of all natural diamonds. Their dark hues are a result of significant levels of inclusions and imperfections in the crystal structure, with black graphite and sulphide inclusions (pyrite and hematite) being predominantly responsible.

Often, black diamonds can have a metallic lustre to them, a direct result of the metallic nature of the sulphide inclusions. Due to the nature of the inclusions in black diamonds, they are much harder to cut and polish than other colour diamonds, and may often exhibit natural features of ruts and nicks on the surfaces of the facets. A large proportion of black diamonds have been treated to intensify the black colour. These are still natural diamonds, grown millions to billions of years ago in the mantle of the earth, but have been subjected to either irradiation, or high-pressure-high-temperature treatments (HPHT) to enhance their black colouration.

Black diamonds are ideal for people looking for a striking and contemporary twist to a diamond engagement ring. Available in both traditional shapes like round or oval, many unique black diamond cuts can be found, including kites, hexagons and triangular cuts. Black diamonds are as hard and durable as white or other fancy colour diamonds and are thus perfect for the creation of an affordable, yet gorgeous, diamond engagement ring.