The diamond and jewellery industry is a tight-knit community. Information is closely guarded and retail jewellers hide behind a veil of smoke, mirrors and misinformation. Diamond and gemstone education is not freely available and many jewellers think that keeping their customers in the dark will give them (the retailer) an upper hand in the sales process.

At Katannuta Diamonds, we believe that consumer education is critical. If you’re considering purchasing a gemstone or piece of jewellery through us, we want you to know everything there is about the purchase you’re about to make. We’ll cut through the marketing talk and keep things simple, leaving you better informed and confident in your decision to work with us.

Our diamond and gemstone guides give comprehensive information on the main precious gemstones, but if you have any other questions or need clarity on any other parts of the industry, drop us a line and we’ll get our experts to answer your questions.