Where do teal sapphires come from?

Teal sapphires, peacock sapphires, mermaid sapphires, parti sapphires. There are many names given to these beautiful sapphires that show varying combinations of blue, green and yellow colours and they have been mined in many countries around the world. As is the case with many aspects of the jewellery and gemstone industry, there are many misunderstandings [...]

Where do teal sapphires come from?2023-12-04T10:55:50+02:00

Parti Sapphires are a hit in South Africa

Sapphires have always been an engagement ring favourite in South Africa and now, we’re seeing a soaring demand for parti sapphires. For the last 3 years we’ve struggled to keep up with the demand for peacock sapphires to set in our bespoke engagement rings. Customers love the unique blue-green colour combinations and with the hardness [...]

Parti Sapphires are a hit in South Africa2023-12-04T10:55:54+02:00
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