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03 March 2018

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Titanium has been widely used in commercial applications for a number of years and is now growing in popularity with regards to jewellery. More particularly, the men's titanium wedding ring market is growing in leaps and bounds, predominantly due to the fact that titanium's remarkable strength belies its light-weight feel. Titanium's strength is comparable to that of steel, while it is almost as light as aluminium.

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Hanna Botha, South Africa

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Titanium is an inert metal, meaning that it is chemically inactive and does not react with other elements. The primary advantage of this characteristic is that titanium will never tarnish or discolour, as silver will. This inert character also means that titanium is a hypoallergenic metal and is thus ideal for people with sensitive skin. It is also resistant to salt-water and acid corrosion and is thus perfect for wear on a daily basis. Titanium will not cause irritation or discolouration of the skin.

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Coloured titanium rings are becoming more popular in the market place. A wide range of colours can be produced by a process called anodizing whereby a layer of titanium dioxide is created. The resultant colour of the titanium dioxide depends on the voltage of the electrical current applied to the titanium. Unique titanium designs can be manufactured through the introduction of inlays into titanium bands.

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Katannuta Diamonds offers a wide range of titanium rings for men and women, including titanium wedding rings and titanium rings with inlays in a choice of silver, gold or platinum. Browse our online selection of titanium rings then contact us for an individual quote.

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