“It was a sunny Saturday afternoon on the game farm, the “breakaway weekend” having eventually arrived. Birds were singing, the wind was rustling through the leaves and if you stood still long enough, you could catch glimpses of the squirrels darting between the rocks and crevices on the koppie.

With it’s breath-taking view, this was the spot we chose to enjoy the last rays of the setting sun. While the rest of the family found their desired stone seats, Morné and I walked to the end of the cliff to admirer the view. Morné turned to me, slowly dropped to one knee and, presenting me with a stunning promise ring, asked me to marry him. With a man as wonderful as Morné, the answer could be nothing other than a resounding “YES”.

Morné wanted to ensure that I received the engagement ring that I always dreamt of, but still wanted to keep “popping the question” a surprise, thus he fell back on an old World War II tradition and bought me a promise ring for the proposal. Back in Joburg, we contacted Clare at Katannuta Diamonds and had my dream engagement ring made. It was a wonderful day, spectacular weekend and we’ve had an 3 amazing years since.”

– Talita Bos, Johannesburg, South Africa