“On the 13 June 2015, Shane had gone out for his usual morning cycle with my dad, and came home, had lunch with my family, and was half asleep by three o’clock from exhaustion!

Everything was pretty much normal, for a Saturday. Until he said three simple words, “Pack your bags.”

Shane had been playing tricks on me for a few months prior to this, taking me out on more romantic dinners and dates and Sunday drives through the Cradle of Human Kind and random spa visits. I thought he was just pulling on my heart strings again for when he one day would actually pop the question!

When we drove through the Cradle of Human Kind, I had a very peculiar feeling in my stomach, a very nervous but excited feeling of, “What if this is it?” But, I didn’t want to get too ahead of myself.

Soon after, Shane pulled over at a little viewing spot that we had driven past many times before and I had previously said to friends one day, who were with us, “That would be such a nice place to propose, it’s not too big or fancy or unlike you, it’s so simple and beautiful.”

Needless to say, this is where Shane stopped and decided to propose!

First he told me to get out the car and take a picture with him, this is very unlike him! And the next few minutes felt like a bit of a blur! We were both so nervous and excited and I couldn’t believe that what we had wanted and spoken about for so long, was actually becoming a reality.

Shane opened the ring box that he had been hiding, and the ring was absolutely perfect – it fits like a glove, it’s the perfect size for my small fingers and is my absolute dream ring! Shane had previously asked me a couple of ring ideas, and we discussed it quite openly, and he came back with the most beautiful, platinum, princess cut diamond ring, far better than I could have ever described or pictured! It is perfect!

I do have to say a massive thank you to Katannuta Diamonds for making such a beautiful piece, you have played a huge role in our new chapter and journey, and I am very lucky to be wearing such a stunning ring! I do believe it is made with love, for love. Thank you!”

– Sammy Kirk, Johannesburg, South Africa