Together Starts Here: Rob & Miree

You know a man is excited when he sends us his version of the proposal story! Congratulations to our friends Miree and Rob who got engaged in Australia last week. Here’s Rob’s side of the story:

“We had booked a lovely weekend away in Byron Bay in NSW, Australia – I needed the perfect opportunity to propose to my lady with the beautiful ring that Clare had designed. My Fiancé (love saying that now!) had been away on business for Valentines Day, so I had a great opportunity to create the perception that we were celebrating Valentines Day (and pop the question when Miree was LEAST expecting it). I booked a lovely picnic breakfast which exceeded expectations, we were enjoying the delicious food when I decided now was the time, read my poem I had written, and asked Miree to marry me. She said “YES” of course!

Throughout the process of ordering the ring (done by e-mail as we live in Australia), Clare was prompt and seemed to know exactly what the ring should look like. Miree is delighted at how the ring turned out. Thank you Clare! Miree loves the ring more and more each day. Happy days!”

– Rob Lowe, Brisbane, Australia