“Due to a family tragedy it had been a rough start to the year for me. We’re from Botswana, so Nlume suggested that we go away the weekend of my birthday to South Africa for some R&R.

I thought nothing of it as I thought it was my birthday present. He had told me though we’d be going on a hot air balloon and because I day dream all the time and watch a lot of romcoms I briefly suspected this might be more than a weekend getaway (I got a manicure just in case!).

We got to a beautiful.lodge called Stornaway on a Friday and were scheduled to do the hot air balloon trip on Saturday morning. As luck would have it, it was raining cats and dogs on Saturday morning. Nlume was quite gutted but being terrified of heights I was sort of alright!

We decided to just go for breakfast by the gorgeous lake and think of a Plan B to enjoy the day anyway and Nlume suggested we take a walk around the lake. I thought nothing of this and was completely unaware that he’d hidden the most exquisite ring in his pocket.

We took a pit stop at the other side of the lake and we went down memory lane a bit. He started talking and I can’t remember exactly what he said because all I could think was.. “Is this happening…it can’t be happening…I think it’s happening”.

Nlume asked me to marry him and of course the answer was “YES”. It took a minute to put on the ring because I couldn’t stop shaking! And when I had it on I couldn’t stop looking at it. It is so BEAUTIFUL! To top it all off, the next day we got to finish off an already perfect weekend with our ride on the hot air balloon.

It looks like my financé had crossed borders more than once to get this specific ring made for me with the help of Clare Appleyard, whose impeccable service made his job much easier. It’s the most amazing ring I’ve ever seen. And its mine!!”

– Melissa Seretse, Gaberone, Botswana