“After four years of dating, NC invited me to dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant dinner on 4 April 2014. I thought it strange that he asked me to dress up, but as he’d previously told me he’d never propose in a restaurant, I wasn’t expecting anything.

At the dinner table, NC started a card game with me with dates and quotes, asking me to guesss what happened on each specific date. After guessing the day we met, the day we began our relationship and other dates, NC said he forgot a card at home.

We finished delicious dinner and headed to his house to get the missing card. He asked me to retrieve the card from upstairs and not to come down until she could say what happened on that date. I couldn’t figure it out!. There was nothing about the date that I could remember!

Eventually, NC told me to come back downstairs and as I rounded the corner I saw NC on one knee, holding a bouquet of my favourite flowers in one hand, and an exquisite diamond and sapphire ring in the other. I was breathless as a tear flowed down his face as he said, “That was the day I asked your parents if I could marry you”.

Totally taken aback, I sat down in front of him, and took a few more moments before I said “Yes!” as he placed the wonderful ring on my finger. The two sapphires represent our birthstones, and inside the ring he’d had engraved an anagram for us as “Thunderbuddies for life”.

We would like to say a special word of thanks to Katannuta Diamonds for providing the perfect engagement ring, even though its unique engraving made it difficult and all the more exceptional to make. In April 2015 it became the perfect wedding ring. Thank you Katannuta Diamonds, for giving us the key to start our happy lives together forever”

– Mariza Breytenbach, Johannesburg, South Africa