“One afternoon I was sitting in the study centre when this guy approached me asking, “Do I know you from somewhere?”.  It was a very corny line but something about Thabani told me he was quite a decent guy. He asked for my number and I gave it to him but told him not to call until after my exam that day to which he agreed. Later that day, just before I walked into the exam room, I received an sms saying “All the best, chat later”. And, after the exam he called.

We dated for years afterwards, he taught me and life taught us. It was during that time that I gave him a picture of the ring I wanted and I specified that it needed to be rose gold – he listened and Katannuta Diamonds made a beautiful engagement ring.

When the time finally came, Thabani secretly went to see my parents. We had always discussed how this wedding was going to happen. We were going to plan everything and then six months before the date, get engaged and get everyone involved. However, Thabani, did his own thing which I’ve now come to appreciate with a depth of gratitude.

On March 7 2015, Thabani went to see my parents. It was important that he see them as my dad was scheduled to fly out that evening and Thabani didn’t want to delay the process. That evening, my Dad called me 4 or 5 times within the hour before boarding his flight to Vienna. What I didn’t know was that he was anticipating some news…*sneaky*.

The next morning, my Mom made one of her early morning calls just to tell me that she and Dad had had a visitor the day before, not realising that I knew absolutely nothing about what was about to happen. After a few comments she stopped talking and said, “Let’s pretend I didn’t call you” and then she hung up!

A few hours later, after church and stopping for Thabani’s favourite ice cream, he drove me out to Haartbeespoort, took me up the cableway, went down on one knee and popped the question!

Now my parents behaviour from the day before and that morning made so much sense!

Once the engagement ring was on my finger we sat down with Clare from Katannuta Diamonds and showed her the wedding band that I wanted to go with my engagement ring and she made it happen! Thanks Clare and team! It was so good to know that you were willing to do it and not just say no… My ring unique and it is exactly as I pictured it.”

– Mpho-Odette Rambau, Johannesburg, South Africa