Together Starts Here: Monique & Kreston

“The 12th of December 2015 will definitely go down in the history books as one of Kreston’s bravest moments ever!

It was a laid-back Saturday catching up on our favourite series, and later that afternoon I had arranged to go out to a late lunch with a friend. As I left, Kreston jokingly said he also wished he had plans and that I should bring something nice back for him – I obliged because shame, I was the social butterfly while he had to be a couch potato It was business as usual, doing some window shopping at the mall while I waited for my friend to confirm she was close.

Eventually I got her text and made my way to Cape Town Fish Market where we agreed to meet. I was merrily escorted by the waitress to my table – which was secluded next to the oyster tank – and promptly handed a tablet and told to watch the video on it. I was so oblivious to what was going on and thought it was some sort of “new way” to keep customers entertained while you wait to be served LOL!

Needless to say, I was still waiting for my friend, and the penny still hadn’t dropped as to what was going on in the background while I watched memes and anecdotes about love. Suddenly a picture of me and my name in a heart appeared on the screen and I was freaked out wondering who was stalking me – hahahahaha I should be so lucky!

I looked around and didn’t see anything or anyone suspicious, and carried on watching as the next words that appeared changed our lives in a heartbeat – “Monique Leigh Eagle… Will you marry me?” I was dumbstruck and crying and shaking and looked up to see Kreston, who appeared out of nowhere, on bended knee holding the ring box open – shaking like a leaf and crying himself (oh wait, he had something in his eyes).

The waiters, by this time, had gathered round and started chanting “say yes, say yes!” My immediate response was a big fat kiss and a hug, to which he asked – “does that mean it’s a yes?” and I said “yes, it’s a yes!” The restaurant roared with applause, and I must admit, to this day it still feels surreal because although we had discussed getting engaged, it was a complete surprise and I was definitely caught off-guard!

A huge thank you to Katannuta Diamonds for my beautiful ring which is beautiful, fits perfectly and is not only a reflection of who I am, but also a significant symbol of our new chapter and journey together.”

– Monique Eagle, Johannesburg, South Africa