Together Starts Here: Hanna & Francois

“We’d been together for 5½ years when Francois sent me a link to Katannuta Diamonds’ website, asking me to choose 5 rings from the page, and to select the one I liked the most. The rings were all gorgeous, but not exactly what I liked. His favourite ring, whilst really beautiful, wasn’t exactly to my taste, so I sent him a picture of the ring I liked. Weeks went past and Francois never spoke of the ring again.

About three months later he booked a weekend away for us in the Drakensberg. I didn’t suspect anything as we often go to the Drakensberg often during winter and he’d booked for the first weekend of July 2014. We had a few stops in Johannesburg and at one of the stops Francois received a SMS and & stepped out the car to make a phone call. When he was done, he told me it was his employer who asked him to pick up some parts for work that they needed urgently. I started to get suspicious because the parts could be couriered to his office before he’d get back to work himself.

We stopped at a shopping mall for Francois to run in and collect the parts, and, as I waited in the car, I phoned my best friend to tell her I thought Francois was going to propose. He returned to the car with a small packet, about the size of half a shoe box, wrapped with about three layers of bubble wrap. He opened the boot of the car, put in the packet and that was the last I saw of it.

Nothing happend on our first two days on holiday and I started to think I was mistaken and imaging things. On the last night of our short break we booked into Montusi Mountain Lodge and went to dinner in their restaurant. I was convinced that this MUST be it!

All through dinner, I looked for the ring everywhere! I took small sips of my wine (so that I don’t swallow the ring accidentally!), but nothing. For dessert I ordered milktart (which I don’t even like) as I thought it would be the easiest to put the ring in. I finished the whole milktart – still no ring!

As Francois excused himself from the table I sent a message to my best friend telling her that I made a mistake and that Francois was not going to propose that weekend.

We left the restaurant and by that time I was close to tears, because I was prepared for a proposal the whole weekend, at dinner was the last opportunity (or so I thought) and there was nothing…

As we walked out on our way to our chalet, there was laterns burning at a spot along the road. Francois asked me if I wanted to have a look and I said no. It was really cold and the wind were blowing really bad. I said I couldn’t believe that the people would light lanterns outside in such winds as they could set the whole place alight. He didn’t take no for an answer and I thought let me just go and have a look because he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

As I got there, het went down on one knee and proposed. All the emotions of the passed three days came out in tears and I cried like a baby. He put the ring on my finger and I was still crying. After I calmed down, he asked me if I didn’t want to see what the rings looked like. And I said I know, he forwarded me the picture of the ring he liked. He said “you are wrong, it is the ring you liked, I had it made”. Oh my word, it was the most perfect ring EVER! Even more beautiful than the picture I forwarded to him.

We went back to the Restaurant to have a drink with the owner, as they helped him arrange the whole surprise. It was then that Francois told me that Clare had the ring made in record time. It was all such a hurry after he decided that the weekend away would be the perfect opportunity to propose.

Clare went out of her way to assist and made the most beautify and perfect ring in a very short time… I also ordered Francois’ wedding ring from Clare, but I gave her enough time…

Thank you to Clare and her team who went out of their way to make our special engagement perfect with the most beautiful ring ever.”

– Hannah Botha, Johannesburg, South Africa