Together Starts Here: Clifford & Samantha

Clifford was an ex-corporate colleague of mine, and this was one of the very first engagement rings we manufactured under the umbrella of Katannuta Diamonds, so it’s special to us on a number of levels. Being a scientist, Clifford wasn’t taking my word for it that he was getting a good deal on his ring, so, in order to keep him happy, I phoned two prominent retail jewellery stores to get a comparative quote for him.

Giving them the exact same specifications as we’d quoted Clifford on (4 x 0.25ct diamonds, platinum ring setting), we were both taken aback when one store quoted us 80% more and another store quoted us 600% more. Ultimately, we had a very happy first client and, when Clifford proposed to Samantha and #shesaidyes, Samantha was happy too! Here’s the story in Sam’s own words:

“Cliff proposed during a picnic on the Sabie river. He had scouted out the perfect boulder for us to sit on in the perfect spot and it really was the most beautiful and tranquil setting. He brought out a small green box with a beautiful eternity diamond ring inside and asked if I would be his wife. One of the happiest afternoons of my life!”

– Samantha Fitzhenry, Cape Town, South Africa