Together Starts Here: Ashleigh & Glynn

“Our little story began when my Fiancé (I still love saying that) Glynn, met Clare Appleyard from Katannuta Diamonds to chat about ‘the diamond’. Obviously I was oblivious to this secret meeting, but I know Glynn was like a bunny caught in headlights as this was one of the most exciting, yet terrifying meetings he’d ever had.

Clare handed Glynn a solitaire diamond and asked what he thought about it. Not knowing anything about diamonds, Glynn held it up and asked what he was supposed to be looking for? Being a true natural, Clare walked Glynn through the entire process from the carat to clarity and cut. By the time she handed him ‘the most beautiful diamond in the world’ – he held it up and began putting his knowledge to the test and that’s how he found ‘the one’.

Now Glynn had the knowledge and the ring, but needed the courage to ask me to marry him. I never really thought about how hard it must be for a man to ask. Could you imagine if the girl had to propose? OMG the stress! So on the afternoon of the 30th December 2014 on the beautiful lake Kariba in Zimbabwe, Glynn decided today was the day he was going to ask me to be his wife! I seriously had no idea which was the very best part – I really was swept off my feet.

“Let’s go for a sundowner on the boat together – as we haven’t really had any alone time this holiday” he said, and boy did I not make it easy. He really tried so hard to get me alone, but I kept inviting everyone to join us – poor boy! So off we set into the sunset on the boat. We arrived at Ume Point when suddenly a massive crocodile ran into the water! It was safe to say that there was no romance running in my mind at the time.

I got off the boat and walked away making sure there were no other unwanted visitors and when I turned back, there he was, standing with a bottle of champagne in one hand, two glasses in the other and a white table cloth spread on the sand. At this point I still had no idea what he was about to do, as he’d often spoilt me in similar ways.

As I just sat down ready for our sundowner, Glynn told me to stand up again, and this was the point the penny dropped! OMG this was the moment I would remember for the rest of my life. Take it all in I kept telling myself! My heart was literally pounding and the look on my special boys’ face was a moment I will hold on to forever. He literally told me how I was his best friend and so many other beautiful words and then reached into his pocket and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him with tears in his eyes.

Well now at this point every girl hopes they are looking perfect in every way possible. NOT ME! I literally fell to my knees to be on the same level as Glynn crying my heart out from the sheer happiness that was bursting out of my body, hugging and kissing him whilst repeatedly squealing YES YES YES!!! Glynn suddenly asked me if I was ever going to look at the ring, which he was still holding out with his slightly unsteady hand. I lent back and there it was, the most beautiful ring I had ever seen and it glistened in the sunlight which was just a movie moment! He slipped it onto my finger and life was never quite the same again!!!

Seconds after and still squealing with excitement, I asked him if he could say it all again as I was so happy, I had to make sure I remembered every single word he said – so I would never forget and so he did.

Ring on my finger, he said it all over again and boy second time was just as good! Just thinking things couldn’t get any better, I turned around and saw my family and friends arriving on a separate boat to celebrate with us – because little did I know they all knew this was about to happen. He did good right!?

To top off our very special story. I received a message on Facebook a few weeks later from a girl I went to junior school with over 17 years ago who currently lives in Australia and who I haven’t spoken to since. “Could I ask you a strange question?” she said, “Did you get engaged on the 30th December in Kariba on a little Island”? To which I told her I did.

Well one of her friends was driving past at the time Glynn was proposing and decided to take pictures of the distant couple – our photo is now floating around social media in Australia – how cool is that?”

– Ashleigh Kondonis, Johannesburg, South Africa