“I’m going to begin my story around when I first started getting “nosey” about rings, diamonds and all that expensive stuff.

We had been to a well-known diamond company just to “have a look” at actual diamonds and to enquire as to pricing and how shopping for a stone worked. Needless to say the diamonds were beautiful but the service left much to be desired.

It so happened that my boyfriend Jean-Paul’s mom showed me a big gold ring that had a diamond in the middle, so as I was now interested in diamonds and was slightly more educated about them I paid close attention to it. To my astonishment she then proceeded to tell me that she was giving me that ring and that diamond would be mine!

JP’s dad literally knows everybody! He told us about Clare and that she designs and makes jewellery and that we should maybe go see her. One Saturday morning we decided to pay Clare a visit. We spoke about diamonds (I even got to touch one), we checked my ring size, I got to tell Clare about my dream ring design and what style I liked – I also got to speak about my predisposition for micromanaging, basically what I had deduced from that meeting was that Clare was a Gem herself.

Fast forward to 23 December 2017, JP had booked us a Hot Air Balloon trip, I was so excited because I had really wanted to go up in one. We arrived early, around 4:15am as the pilots were setting up, coffee was brewing and we were just enjoying the openness of Magaliesberg.

The pilot handed me a “flight ticket”, I opened it and read it and there was a little note on the inside (I had always told my boyfriend if you are going to propose to me keep it short and sweet or I’ll walk away) after reading I turned around and on one knee was, I was super shocked as well as completely taken aback when he asked me to marry him. After laughing out of pure nervousness I said “Yes”, that’s when my gaze and focus shifted to the most beautiful ring I had ever seen, my gorgeous Cathedral style, cushion halo with a round brilliant center stone….it was SPARKLY!!!

The entire experience was magical; I would like to thank Clare so much for everything she has done. My ring is everything that i could have imagined and more, I appreciate the lengths that she went through to keep this a secret from me (I won’t reveal any of your trickery in case you need to use them again!).

From the bottom of my heart……Thank You!


P.S. my ring is affectionately known as “My Sparkly””

– Michelle Bianca Prinz, Edenvale, South Africa

Photos by Robbie Aspeling Photography.