You may recall from one of our previous #TogetherStartsHere stories (featuring Louise & Gus) that geologists are a rather quirky bunch of people. With our co-founder Clare being a geologist herself, Katannuta Diamonds seems to have become the “go-to” engagement ring company for South African geologists. So, without further ado, here is one of most recent #TogetherStartsHere stories, featuring another geologist friend of ours, Charlene. Here’s her story in her own words:

“I want to start the story at where Mel asked me to be her girlfriend. Me being a geologist and loving nature and, well, rocks..Mel completely understood this by asking me to be her girlfriend by presenting me with a uniquely shaped piece of rose quartz. She said that she wanted to be my rock always… and I was in awe as to how one person could so completely get quirky old me.

Fast forward to the middle of our story where we are a happy couple that decided to move in together.
The amazing feeling of coming home daily to the person you love and being able to share all your stories of excitement and victories and the overwhelming feeling of support when you share your despair and defeats.

Although moving in together also means endless boxes staring at you in every room and having no idea how to re arrange it all…!
With all the madness of setting up a house and a busy schedule December holidays was anything but for the two of us..

It was then when my fiance, in her infinite wisdom decided that it was time for a magical weekend away from everything.
The weekend started as any other with the excited faces and packing for the trip to the amazing hospitality of our hosts for the weekend. It was all that could be desired…good food, amazing wine and the best company..all packaged in a secluded location of the South Africa’s bushveld.

The weekend took an even more amazing turn when I was surprised on the Saturday evening with a candle walkway…leading to a table for two….a bonfire sizzling in the background and a fiancé down on one knee waiting to ask if she could share the rest of her life with me!
I could not be happier and have been walking on air ever since!

One little detail was lagging though.. we had spoken about rings months before and I just hadn’t gotten around to commissioning one. I knew Clare was the best woman for the job… I’m not proud of lying to my super enquisative fiancé about “working” on a public holiday in order to go see Clare about a design. Mel had a design in mind and Clare worked on combining all the ideas, making Mel’s dream ring spring to life.

It was now my turn for a surprise, asking Mel for a picnic to the botanical gardens (a place she had never been to). Using my powers of deception once again I asked my brother (who would be taking pictures of the event) to join us for the day.

As we approached the geology walk I decided that this place would be the perfect location to complete the circle as I then asked Mel if I could be her rock for as long as we both shall live!

This magical journey just keeps getting better at every turn – Thank you Katannuta Diamonds for helping making our dream a reality!

– Charlene Schrader, Pretoria, South Africa