Every so often, the gem world hears some news that makes it sit up and go “Wow”. Hearing about the discovery of the world’s biggest star sapphire was one such item of news.

Discovered in Sri Lanka and weighing in at a massive 1,404, the sapphire bears more of a resemblance to a fancy paper-weight than it does to a world-class gem.

Reportedly found in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka in late August 2015, the current owner has now opted to sell the stone. His asking price? A mere $300 million.

Too big to be set in any piece of jewellery, this piece is, according to it’s anonymous owner, destined to be a museum piece. The Gemological Institute of Colombo (GIC), a private laboratory in Colombo, Sri Lanka has authenticated the egg-shaped gem as the largest of it’s size in the world.

Traditionally, sapphires are transparent, allowing light to be transmitted through the stone, but star sapphires are opaque, due to the inclusion of rutile in the crystal structure. When a direct light is shone upon the polished cabochon surface of a star sapphire, a 6-line star is revealed, giving the gem it’s name.

Named the Lankan Star of Adam, this gem has yet to be snapped up by any prospective buyers. Would you like to make an offer?

Photo credit: www.theguardian.com