Together Starts Here: Michelle & Jean-Paul

"I’m going to begin my story around when I first started getting “nosey” about rings, diamonds and all that expensive stuff. We had been to a well-known diamond company just to “have a look” at actual diamonds and to enquire as to pricing and how shopping for a stone worked. Needless to say the diamonds [...]

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Together Starts Here: Mpho-Odette & Thabani

"One afternoon I was sitting in the study centre when this guy approached me asking, "Do I know you from somewhere?".  It was a very corny line but something about Thabani told me he was quite a decent guy. He asked for my number and I gave it to him but told him not to call until after my exam [...]

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Together Starts Here: Monique & Kreston

"The 12th of December 2015 will definitely go down in the history books as one of Kreston’s bravest moments ever! It was a laid-back Saturday catching up on our favourite series, and later that afternoon I had arranged to go out to a late lunch with a friend. As I left, Kreston jokingly said he [...]

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Together Starts Here: Hanna & Francois

"We'd been together for 5½ years when Francois sent me a link to Katannuta Diamonds' website, asking me to choose 5 rings from the page, and to select the one I liked the most. The rings were all gorgeous, but not exactly what I liked. His favourite ring, whilst really beautiful, wasn't exactly to my [...]

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Together Starts Here: Ashleigh & Glynn

"Our little story began when my Fiancé (I still love saying that) Glynn, met Clare Appleyard from Katannuta Diamonds to chat about ‘the diamond’. Obviously I was oblivious to this secret meeting, but I know Glynn was like a bunny caught in headlights as this was one of the most exciting, yet terrifying meetings he’d ever had. Clare [...]

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