Russia’s largest pink diamond found

Russian mining company Alrosa, the world’s largest diamond producer of diamonds by carat, has announced the discovery of a 27.85ct pink diamond. Typically, natural pink diamonds are mined mostly in Australia with some significant discoveries in Africa. Previously the largest pink diamond found in Russia was less than 4cts in weight. This large gem quality [...]

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The world’s Top 10 diamond mines: Part 2

Our first blog post saw us listing the bottom 5 of the World's Top 10 diamond mines. We continue where we left off with our countdown, moving from position 5 to the top mine. Can you guess where it's located? 5. Udachny (Udachnaya), Russia (estimated reserves 108 million carats) Discovered a mere two days after Mir, [...]

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The world’s top 10 diamond mines – Part 1

There are is no shortage of diamond mines in the world at the moment, but the 50 largest mines around the globe account for approximately 90% of all diamonds mined. Diamond mines can be “sized” according to a number of factors – surface diameter, amount of diamonds produced or estimated reserves. In the first part [...]

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