Is this diamond too big to sell?

When is a big diamond too big to sell? The diamond industry is a funny one. For the most part, bigger diamonds are always better (in consumers eyes at least) and the stock price of mining companies generally increases upon the discovery of a new, large diamond. It seems however, that there is an upper [...]

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Pink Star diamond fetches $71.2 million

As we previously reported, the Pink Star diamond was, for a moment in 2013, the most expensive diamond in the world. Now, following last night’s Sotheby’s auction, it regains its crown in 2017, hopefully for a longer period this time around. After 5 minutes of bidding, Chinese jewellery retailer Chow Tai Fook won the auction [...]

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Will the Pink Star diamond break records, again?

Back in November 2013, the auction world was abuzz when a 59.6ct pink diamond, The Pink Star, sold for a record $83 million. At the time, the Sotheby’s Geneva auction broke a number of records, but the buyer, New York diamond cutter Isaac Wolf, defaulted on the payment and the sale fell through. Now, 3 [...]

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The world’s Top 10 diamond mines: Part 2

Our first blog post saw us listing the bottom 5 of the World's Top 10 diamond mines. We continue where we left off with our countdown, moving from position 5 to the top mine. Can you guess where it's located? 5. Udachny (Udachnaya), Russia (estimated reserves 108 million carats) Discovered a mere two days after Mir, [...]

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The world’s top 10 diamond mines – Part 1

There are is no shortage of diamond mines in the world at the moment, but the 50 largest mines around the globe account for approximately 90% of all diamonds mined. Diamond mines can be “sized” according to a number of factors – surface diameter, amount of diamonds produced or estimated reserves. In the first part [...]

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Lesedi la Rona fails to sell

In a result that shocked the diamond industry, the world’s second biggest diamond, the 1,109ct Lesedi la Rona, failed to sell at Sotheby’s 29th June London auction. As the largest diamond found in over 100 years and the largest rough diamond ever to be auctioned, pre-auction whispers around the 2.5 billion year old diamond spoke [...]

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Second biggest diamond ever found in Botswana

For over 100 years, the Cullinan diamond has been the worlds biggest diamond ever found (a whopping 3,106cts), with the second biggest diamond ever being the Excelsior diamond, found in South Africa in 1893. Weighing in at 995cts, the Excelsior was ultimately cut into 10 diamonds, ranging in size from 13 - 68cts. Now, in a [...]

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