Harry Winston buys record-breaking pink diamond

Each November, leading auction houses Sotheby’s and Christie’s hold back-to-back auctions on consecutive days, with each house auctioning a collection of exquisite, rare and collectible gems and jewellery. Often, records will fall at these auctions; highest diamond prices per carat and the highest price ever paid for a single diamond are just some of the [...]

Harry Winston buys record-breaking pink diamond2018-11-15T18:37:03+02:00

$100m diamond display in Australia

Australian jeweller Linney’s has unveiled the most valuable jewellery display ever on the continent. Currently on display in Perth, the collection features a selection of red, pink and violet diamonds recovered from Australia’s famous Argyle diamond mine. Argyle is the world’s leading supplier of pink diamonds and, with the mine scheduled to close in 2021, [...]

$100m diamond display in Australia2017-11-28T15:09:59+02:00

The world’s top 10 diamond mines – Part 1

There are is no shortage of diamond mines in the world at the moment, but the 50 largest mines around the globe account for approximately 90% of all diamonds mined. Diamond mines can be “sized” according to a number of factors – surface diameter, amount of diamonds produced or estimated reserves. In the first part [...]

The world’s top 10 diamond mines – Part 12017-11-28T15:00:31+02:00

A purple diamond to reign over all

Natural coloured diamonds are rare, and finding vivid and intense blue, pink and yellow diamonds is always a cause for mining companies to celebrate. Finding a violet diamond though? It’s almost unheard of in the diamond industry. Yet, that’s what Rio Tinto found last year in their Argyle mine, located in Western Australia. Described as [...]

A purple diamond to reign over all2017-11-28T14:39:27+02:00

Opal is October’s first birthstone

If you’re lucky enough to be an October baby, you have two birthstones to choose from – opal and tourmaline. Both are equally gorgeous but they’re radically different to each other and require different levels of care. Let's start with opal.... Perhaps one of the most beautiful gemstones around, opal is a hydrous silicate mineral [...]

Opal is October’s first birthstone2017-11-27T12:52:20+02:00