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Big week in Lesotho for big diamonds

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02 February 2018

Last week was a busy week for Lesotho, as far as large diamond recoveries go.

In the middle of the week, Firestone Diamonds announced the recovery of a 110ct pale yellow diamond from their Liqhobong Mine. This gem-quality diamond is the largest found to date at the mine and comes at a time when the mine’s ramp-up production programme is underway.

Liqhobong is only expected to reach commercial production levels at the end of June 2017. Stuart Brown, CEO of Firestone Diamonds, said in a statement that, “The 110 ct gem-quality light yellow diamond recovered . . . confirms our long-held belief that Liqhobong has large stone potential and I hope this is the first of many to come”.

Earlier this year, Firestone held its first two sales in Antwerp with the latest sale in March having included rare purple, blue, lilac and pink diamonds.

Following the Liqhobong diamond, Gem Diamonds announced the recovery of a 114ct D-colour diamond from their Letseng Mine.

Letseng is famous for producing large, top quality diamonds and over the last 11 years the mine has produced 4 of the 20 largest gem quality white diamonds ever discovered.

The discovery of this diamond comes at a critical time for Gem Diamonds, as only five +100 carat diamonds were recovered in 2016, compared to 11 in 2017.

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