Together Starts Here: Lauri & Sascha

This was a very special ring for us, not just because Laurianne is a great friend of ours and has been a great support over the years, but because it was so heart-warming to see Lauri and Sascha find true happiness with each other. Here’s Lauri’s version of Sascha’s romantic proposal: 

“The girl – check; the guy – check; love – check!

Yes, that is pretty much the awesome story of my happily ever after …. but wait there is one thing missing, it’s breath-taking, exactly what I have always imagined, designed and delicately made especially for me by talented hands – I am talking about the deal sealer, the cherry on the cake, the apple of my eye (besides my husband) … yes, my exquisite engagement ring.

When my boyfriend (at the time) told me to start looking around for the special stone I have always been talking about, I knew it was time, time to call Clare from Katannuta, as I knew that the engagement ring I had in mind was not going to be found anywhere.

Not knowing much about Morganite, I called my dear friend up and within a few days she asked me to come look at some gems she had.  I didn’t know my boyfriend had already secretly contacted her, asking her to get as much information  out of me as possible, by the end of the meeting, we knew everything about what the engagement ring was going to look like, even selecting the final stone that would be my other ‘dream come true’.  Holding that beautiful pale, champagne pink, cushion cut Morganite in my hands, I found myself without words as it was possibly the most beautiful stone I had ever seen.

We spent December 2015 In Mozambique, but little did I know that it would be a life changing holiday. On the evening of the 29th December, my boyfriend said, “Tomorrow morning, let’s go for a sunrise walk on the beach”. I was quite happy to spend some alone time with him and agreed.  That morning we woke up, I got ready, took the camera and we were off.

Walking along the beach, he said that we should write something in the sand, something romantic, so while I was writing mine and taking photos of the amazing sunrise as a back drop, he called out to me, “Schatzi, look here” and as I turned around there he was, my knight in shining armour down on one knee, next to the words ‘Schatzi, will you marry me?’, and in his hands he held the most beautiful piece of jewellery that I had ever laid my eyes on, my gorgeous Morganite and diamond ring.

As walked closer, the tears just welled up in my eyes, this was the most beautiful moment in my life……. What else is a love-sick girl supposed to say but ….’Yes yes, of course I will marry you’.

Now, let’s fast forward to July 2016, 3 months before our wedding, it is time to make the wedding band, so I decide to give my most prized item of jewellery to Clare, so that they can design the wedding band, as well as polish and shine the engagement ring.

When I received it back, I did not look at it, not even a peak, I thought that I would save the moment for the day we get married to once again see that beauty on my hand, looking all brand spanking new and shiny. On the 21st of October 2016, infront of 160 guests, my now husband once again placed my ring on my finger, now commiting our lives to one another. On the video, one actually hears me saying ‘Finally I have her back’.

Dealing with Clare has been a great experience, her attention to detail is wonderful, thereby making sure that her clients expectations are not just met but exceeded.  The designers who made the ring, their craftsmanship is just remarkable, from placing the surrounding diamonds perfectly, all the platinum work done by hand, not to mention the incredible work that went into designing the very delicate and intricate basket for the main stone.

The compliments I get are outrageous, people even asking if it is a pink diamond, and not a single day goes by that I do not stare at my gorgeous ring, it is just beautiful, every now and then having to remind myself that it is really mine…. Forever!

Thank you Katannuta Diamonds!”

– Laurianne Unger, Johannesburg, South Africa