Love is in the air as we edge closer and closer to February. Valentine’s Day is well known as one of the most popular days of the year to propose, and the 14thof February is literally around the corner. If you’re a little short of romantic ideas to do justice to your Katannuta Diamonds engagement ring, here’s our Top 10 list of great ways to pop the question this year:

1) Take your love to new heights

Hot air balloon rides are a fantastic experience (even if you’re not proposing) and love will undoubtedly be in the air as you drift over magnificent countryside. Have your engagement ring ready to pop the question and, when your feet touch the ground, you can celebrate with a delicious champagne breakfast. If you’re in South Africa, we highly recommend Bill Harrop’s Original Balloon Safaris.

 2) Sweeten the deal with chocolates

 Chocolates are always a popular gift, and nestling a gorgeous engagement ring inside a box of hand-made chocolates makes for a wonderfully surprise proposal. We suggest heading over to Chocoloza, selecting a range of their hand-made Belgian chocolates, and then sneakily substituting one of the chocolates (go on, eat it!) with one of our bespoke engagement rings.

Ring in chocolate box

Valentine’s Day chocolates by Chocoloza

3) Bowl over the bookworm

If your partner is a lover of books, why not incorporate one into your proposal? Browse second-hand bookstores for one of their favourite authors or a romantic novel and cut a secret compartment into the pages. Place the engagement ring inside and wrap up the book with gift paper and a ribbon. Wait for them to flip through the pages and discover the ring!

Image via Pinterest

4) Sail into the sunset

If you live at the coast, a great way to propose is to book a sunset or champagne cruise around the harbor or coastline. Not only do you get to view spectacular scenery but you’ll be setting the scene for a memorable and beautiful proposal.

5) Put the pieces together

Does your partner love a challenge? Why not have a personal puzzle made up for a very special proposal? Use a free, online design tool likeCanvaand make up your own puzzle, using one, or many pictures of you both. Overlay the picture with your proposal message and have the puzzle printed and cut locally (try

Image via Pinterest

6) Ask with art

If you or your partner are art-loving types, there are multiple ways to incorporate some artistic creativity into your proposal. Book an art class together and paint your message onto your canvas. Or, why not book a graffiti artist to paint your proposal message on a local wall (providing your city allows for graffiti, of course!)? If you’re in Johannesburg and love this idea, contact Jo at Past Experiences and she’ll connect you with some local graffiti artists.

Image via Flickr

7) Weave a website

Got some basic coding or website skills? Why not put together a website or an app asking for your partner’s hand in marriage? Put up a slideshow of photos of your favourite moments together and have the last slide as your proposal. If you’re making an app, ask the question and have two answer boxes for him/her to tick, “Yes” or “Yes”.


If all this sounds too much like hard work for you, why not hire the experts? The Perfect Proposal is a South African company specialising in creating magical proposals. Here are three of their most popular proposal ideas:

8) On bended knee at the beach

If you live at the coast, why not take advantage of the lovely summer weather with a sunset beach proprosal? Take your partner down to the beach for a sundowner and they won’t suspect a thing. Pack a blanket, your favourite foods (chocolate dipped strawberries, cheese and biscuits or favourite sweets) and a bottle of bubbly. As you arrive, head towards a secluded spot, lay out the blanket and pull the snacks out of your backpack. Your partner will be amazed at how thoughtful you have been bringing their favourite foods along. Then, surprise them with a last food item…a ring!

9) Dazzle them at dinner

Does your partner love fine dining and is always keen to try new restaurants? Say you’ve read a review about a new restaurant in town that you’d love to try together. Contact the restaurant and let them know that you are wanting to propose – they often will try accommodate you in a private dining area or decorate the table with rose petals. Earlier in the day, go through to the restaurant and drop off a bouquet of her favourite flowers, and, if you are feeling very romantic, a photo album or scrapbook of your time together. You can propose on arrival, or, ask the kitchen to put the ring on her dessert or ask them to write “Will you marry me” in chocolate on her dessert plate.

Tip: Wear a dinner jacket as it is easy to hide a ring box in a jacket pocket without her suspecting anything.

Restaurant proposal

Photograph by Monica Stewart Photography via The Perfect Proposal
This photograph is special to us as it was the setting for Deon’s proposal to Nolene with a gorgeous bespoke engagement ring that we designed and manufactured. *squeal*

10) Fly away with them

Is your partner a daredevil? Are you looking for a proposal out of the ordinary? A helicopter trip to the top of a mountain could be your answer. Propose with a beautiful view, a glass of bubbly and high adrenalin levels. You could propose before you take off, or once you land at your destination. It will definitely be a day to remember!

Helicopter proposal

Photograph by The Perfect Proposal

Give The Perfect Proposal a call should you need any help with proposing. They’ll take the stress out the big day and make magic for you, allowing you to arrive at your dream proposal just with your partner and the ring.

Let us know if you’ve popped the question with a Katannuta Diamonds engagement ring, and we’ll share your story on our #TogetherStartsHere series!