“Our romantic engagement story starts in a cul-de-sac in Benoni, where I met Shaun for the first time. He was the boy next door, he was older, and he was probably one of my very first crushes.

Our journey went it’s separate ways for a few years, through high school and varsity; but then Facebook happened and we re-connected. From there life has taken us to some pretty amazing places. I never thought that we would get married but that was okay because I know that what we have, and I wouldn’t want it with anyone else. That was all about to change though, and we went to England for my Dad’s birthday. It was a wonderful trip but most amazingly I found out that Shaun had asked for my Dad’s permission to marry me.

My family can’t keep secrets; in all honesty I think they were all just so excited for us that they wanted Shaun to ask me to marry him right there and then on the banks of the river Test. But first Shaun needed the engagement ring, so he got in touch with Clare to help him design it. And so, the magic begins…

Pre-engagement ring photo

We made a home in the Natal Midlands five years ago, we both love being away from big city living and regularly take our two fur-kids for walks at Fordoun on the weekends. It has a lovely walk through a forest and the trail sweeps round a hillside, giving you striking views of the fields around Nottingham Road.

On Sunday the third of June it was freezing but we decided to go for the walk anyway. We also had Shaun’s Mum’s two golden retrievers with us that day, as their Dad was down in Durban competing in Iron Man.

As we were approaching the forest section of the walk Shaun suggested that we take a photo with all the doggies to send to his Mum. We walked a little way into the forest to where the trees cleared; I remember the morning light looking so pretty through the branches. Shaun went slightly ahead of us to take the photo and I started to get all the dogs to sit and face in the same direction (not an easy task).

KZN Romantic Engagement

Little did I know that Shaun was shaking from nerves, he quickly snapped a pic and then got down on one knee, held out the ring he had been trying his best to conceal and asked me to be his wife…

It took me a few seconds to register that this was really happening! The ring is pure perfection! Every time I catch my self staring down at it I am reminded of how special and personal that moment was and I just want to thank Clare and her team at Katannuta Diamonds for creating the ring that will always remind me of that day.

Engagement ring on tree

Thank you for helping create that moment of pure happiness. I can’t wait to see where our journey takes us from here xxx”

– Adele Sherrat, KZN, South Africa