“Devon and I have been together for five and a half years and we had both decided we wanted to move in together before we get engaged.

Once we moved in, I wanted to get engaged right away! Ha! I was in for a surprise – Devon made me wait and wait and WAIT some more!

I knew Devon was not going to take me away for a weekend, or take me to a fancy restaurant because I’m expecting him to propose soon. I was always fishing for information!

We are part of a  group of 10 friends (5 couples), who takes turns in hosting a wine evening every month and Devon had decided that one of these wine nights would be the perfect time to ask me. I wouldn’t suspect a thing because we do these wine evenings every month, so it wasn’t going to be out of the ordinary. Nobody knew anything except our hosts that night!

Our wine evenings fun, and we always play couples games at each event. The game on this particular night ended up being my favourite game ever.  All of us had to put brown paper bags over our heads and we had to find out partners with touch only. The hosts moved us all around to confuse us all, and made us start calling our partner’s names.

I am VERY claustrophobic, so I almost started panicing and told my friend (the host) that I didn’t like the game at all. She very sneakily just kept on saying it will all be okay and I had to continue!

It only had to call Devon’s name twice before he was in front of me, which I thought was very weird and as I put my hands out I realised I was touching his face.

Devon is much taller than me and once I realised OH MY WORD “I’m touching his face”, I tooked the paper bag off and saw him down on one knee, asking me to marry him.

Devon proposes with a morganite ring

Devon takes to one knee as he pops the question to Michélle.

It was most definitely without a doubt, the most special and precious moment and a memory I will forever keep. It was so special with all our best friends being present and sharing in the special moment.

Morganite ring on finger

Congratulations! Another happy Katannuta Diamonds couple!


Morganite engagement ring proposal

Michélle shows off her gorgeous morganite engagement ring after her surprise proposal.

I had started following Katannuta Diamonds on social media, and I saw the Mpho ring on their website. I showed Devon a lot of photos and told him my likes and dislikes, and he got me exactly what I wanted!

Thank you yet again for helping Devon and assisting him with everything so professionally.”

 – Michélle Pieterse, Brits, South Africa


Michélle’s custom-made pear cut morganite engagement ring.