Gem Diamonds, owner of the world’s highest diamond mine, Letseng, has announced the sale of their most recently discovered pink diamond.

Unearthed only a few weeks ago, in February, the 13.33ct pink diamond was the largest pink diamond discovered at Letseng since 2011.

The diamond was sold via tender in Antwerp this week, reaching a sale price of $8.8million, a record per-carat price of $656,933.

Letseng is renowned for its large diamonds and Letseng diamonds command the highest average per carat price in the world. 2018 was a bumper year for the mine, with over 15 diamonds larger than 100cts having been recovered.

In January 2018, the world’s 5thbiggest diamond, weighing 910cts, was discovered at Letseng. Named the “Lesotho Legend”, this top quality diamond subsequently sold in March last year for $40m, to Graff Diamonds.

Big diamond price

The “Lesotho Legend”, sold for $40m. Photo: Gem Diamonds