Large pink diamond found in Tanzania

Large pink diamond found in Tanzania

Like many of Petra Diamonds’ mines, the Williamson Mine in Tanzania used to belong to De Beers, before it was purchased by Petra Diamonds.

And, as in many instances before this, Petra Diamonds have recovered a significantly valuable diamond from an ex-De Beers owned mine.

Perhaps Petra’s most famous acquisition from De Beers was the Cullinan Mine, from which the record-breaking Blue Moon diamond was mined.

Now, Petra Diamonds have found a 23.16ct pink diamond of “exceptional colour and clarity” from their Williamson Mine in Tanzania. This is the most significant diamond find at the Williamson Mine since it was acquired by Petra Diamonds in 2009.

Natural pink diamonds of vivid and intense colours are exceptionally rare and found in only a limited number of locations world-wide, the most famous being Australia’s Argyle diamond mine.

Believed to be a result of crystal deformation, pink coloured diamonds often sell for record prices, as was the case with the 16.08ct “Sweet Josephine” diamond that recently sold for $28.5million.

The Williamson Diamond mine 23.16ct diamond is as yet unnamed and will be offered for sale by appointment in Antwerp during Petra’s December tender process.