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What is “Mokume Gane” jewellery?

Mokume Gane is a term that refers to a metal-working technique developed 300 – 400 years ago in Japan, a technique originally developed to decorate samurai swords. The name “Mokume Gane” refers to the visual appearance of the metal that imitates that of wood grain. “Mokume” literally means “wood eye”, describing a highly figured wood grain and “Gane” translates as metal. Literally translated then, “Mokume Gane” means “wood grain metal”.

The most striking Mokume Gane rings are formed from combinations of contrasting metal colours, for example, yellow gold with a white or grey metal such as silver, platinum or palladium. As all our Mokume Gane jewellery is made to order, we are able to combine any metals you like, and manufacture any jewellery you like – from wedding bands to earrings, bangles or pendants.

mokume gane
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Copper & silver

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Palladium & silver

mokume gane ring gold and silver

Yellow gold & silver