Harrod’s to shine brightly this Christmas

Harrods is well-known as one of London, and the world’s, most prestigious department stores. Situated in the affluent suburb of Knightsbridge and owned by the State of Qatar, the store has 330 departments and is well known for its seasonal Christmas department and lavish food halls.

As a home to jewellery brands as luxurious as De Beers, Graff and Harry Winston, Harrods is no stranger to spectacular gems and astounding price tags.

This week, however, Harrods pulled out all the stops by unveiling “one of the world’s rarest diamonds”, currently on display on the ground floor of the store. Known as “The Harrods Diamond”, this 228.31ct pear-cut diamond is, quite possibly, the most valuable item ever to be graced with a Harrods price tag.

Certified as a G colour, VS1 clarity diamond by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the diamond is not perfect, but it does come close. Top quality white diamonds over 100cts in size are rare and note-worthy but stones over 200cts garner remarkable fame.

Normally, diamonds of this quality and size are sold only at auction and have either an illustrious history or were recently discovered at an operating diamond mine and announced with much fanfare. The Harrods Diamond, however, has taken everyone by surprise and was announced by Harrods Chief Merchant, Helen David.

She commented, “We are thrilled to unveil one of the world’s rarest diamonds, the so-called Harrods Diamond, named after the iconic Knightsbridge store.  It is rare that stones of this weight, cut, polish and symmetry are sold outside auction, so this is an exceptional opportunity for Harrods’ customers and a very exciting moment in Harrods’ history.”

As noted by Maria Doulton, on her site The Jewellery Editor, “it appears that the stone has been cut recently, suggesting that the diamond that emerged from Harrods was a rough. The size of the rough and its provenance is anyone’s guess.”

The diamond is viewable throughout December by appointment only, in the Fine Jewellery Room at Harrods.