We love being able to share happy engagement stories from our friends and clients. As a LBGTQ-friendly South African business, we’re especially thrilled to share our latest engagement story of how Emma recently proposed to Angie. 

“I never thought myself for corny or typical and it wasn’t love at first sight. Emma and I met 11 years ago in a dingy pub that neither of us normally went to. I heard a voice behind me saying “And where is your other half tonight?” and, in my young and carefree voice I replied, “What makes you think I have one?” 

It was obvious, apparently, because “No one looks like you and walks around single” is what Emma replied. She had to turned to a friend before this and pointed at me saying to her friend “That’s the girl I’m going to marry”. 

6 years later after years apart, an intermittent friendship, other relationships and initially saying no I eventually gave in and embarked on the best journey of my life…dating, doing life with and wholeheartedly loving my best friend. 

Ring and lesbian couple

Five and a half years later after many arguments, two fire signs both wanting their way, unforgettable road trips, late nights and a love that cannot be shaken or stirred by anything, it happened. We went for a picnic by the river, under the shady trees and in the calm of our own company on the 10th of November. A completely oblivious picnic fairy, I sat down and took a moment to soak up the moment, breathe in the crisp fresh air, sip my champagne, and I remember thinking to myself “This is it, I’m happy, at peace and this is just the best day ever”. 

Not even 5 minutes later my 2 dogs, 1 only 8 weeks old, came hurtling towards me, eyes bright, ears flying in the wind and wearing signs around their necks:

“Will you” & “Marry me, please”

Emma & Angie Engagement Picture

My dream proposal, so detailed in its simplicity, so honest, my beautiful diamond engagement ring by Katannuta Diamonds and my best friend and soon-to-be wife…I must be the luckiest girl alive! 

Thank you Clare for adding to and finishing off my perfect moment in time! My heart is full, my eyes are bright and thank you, Em, my gorgeous fiancé for all your love and for never giving up on me.

Angie Tennant, Johannesburg, South Africa