It’s always special when a couple chooses Katannuta Diamonds to manufacture their engagement ring, but it’s even more special when we can help family and friends. We’ve known Priyanka and her family for almost a decade, so we were thrilled to be able help Priyanka create her dream ring. Priyanka and Davron worked closely with us to perfect the tiniest details of her ring, even down to having their initials set into the ring’s gallery.

Despite knowing what her ring was going to look like, Priyanka had no idea when it had been made, or how and when Davron was going to propose to her. Davron surprised her one afternoon in December in Umhlanga (Durban), South Africa and here’s how their proposal played out:

“The day of the proposal was like walking into a scene of a movie! I was under the impression we were going for lunch with my cousin and her boyfriend, and that lunch was going to be followed by a surprise photoshoot (which my cousin didn’t know about) for her and I.

After lunch, we walked down the promenade (ready for our photoshoot) and onto Umhlanga’s famous pier. It was then that everything felt like a movie scene.

Durban marriage proposal

Davron and I were walking ahead when a gentleman started playing Bruno Mars’ song “Marry You” on his saxophone. I looked at Davron knowing it was showtime!

Everything happened so fast. Our little dog Bam Bam appeared from nowhere, running up to us with a bow tie on, with the ring tied to it. Before I knew it, Davron was on one knee being all romantic!

Cute dog proposal

Cute dog engagement proposal

When I looked to the left of the pier, all my family was all there holding up boards asking, “Priyanka Govender Will You Marry Me?” and to the right of the pier my little cousins had boards saying, “She Said Yes”.

Will you marry me

She Said Yes in Durban

I could not believe what was happening! It has to be the greatest surprise of my life.

Thank you to my beautiful aunt Kammy, my rockstar of a cousin Tammy, her awesome boyfriend Niven, my incredible uncle and not forgetting my amazing dad Preggie for helping plan such an incredible proposal with Davron. We are super grateful for all your help. Thank you Katannuta Diamonds for my beautiful ring.

Classic halo diamond ring

Side view of engagement ring

To my amazing fiancé Davron, you never fail to surprise me. You are God sent. Thank you for making our day a day to remember forever. This was beyond what I expected. You are my favorite person, place, feeling, everything forever!! I love you so much”.

Priyanka Govender, Durban, South Africa