Together Starts Here: Monique & Kreston

"The 12th of December 2015 will definitely go down in the history books as one of Kreston’s bravest moments ever! It was a laid-back Saturday catching up on our favourite series, and later that afternoon I had arranged to go out to a late lunch with a friend. As I left, Kreston jokingly said he [...]

Together Starts Here: Monique & Kreston2018-05-07T16:07:09+02:00

Together Starts Here: Hanna & Francois

"We'd been together for 5½ years when Francois sent me a link to Katannuta Diamonds' website, asking me to choose 5 rings from the page, and to select the one I liked the most. The rings were all gorgeous, but not exactly what I liked. His favourite ring, whilst really beautiful, wasn't exactly to my [...]

Together Starts Here: Hanna & Francois2018-05-07T16:11:22+02:00

Together Starts Here: Ashleigh & Glynn

"Our little story began when my Fiancé (I still love saying that) Glynn, met Clare Appleyard from Katannuta Diamonds to chat about ‘the diamond’. Obviously I was oblivious to this secret meeting, but I know Glynn was like a bunny caught in headlights as this was one of the most exciting, yet terrifying meetings he’d ever had. Clare [...]

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Together Starts Here: Talita & Morne

"It was a sunny Saturday afternoon on the game farm, the “breakaway weekend” having eventually arrived. Birds were singing, the wind was rustling through the leaves and if you stood still long enough, you could catch glimpses of the squirrels darting between the rocks and crevices on the koppie. With it's breath-taking view, this was [...]

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Together Starts Here: Clifford & Samantha

Clifford was an ex-corporate colleague of mine, and this was one of the very first engagement rings we manufactured under the umbrella of Katannuta Diamonds, so it's special to us on a number of levels. Being a scientist, Clifford wasn't taking my word for it that he was getting a good deal on his ring, so, [...]

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Together Starts Here: NC & Mariza

"After four years of dating, NC invited me to dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant dinner on 4 April 2014. I thought it strange that he asked me to dress up, but as he'd previously told me he'd never propose in a restaurant, I wasn't expecting anything. At the dinner table, NC started a card game with me with dates and quotes, [...]

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