10 things you didn’t know about September’s birthstone, Sapphire

September is officially considered the start of spring in South Africa. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming and love is certainly in the air as peak engagement and wedding season starts. September's birthstone, sapphire, is a well known gem, but here are 10 things you might not know about this gorgeous gemstone: What is sapphire? [...]

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Ruby, a most royal July birthstone

Love, success, passion and energy – all are positive qualities associated with the colour red and the gemstone ruby, the most royal of all gems and July's birthstone. Ruby is the most prized gem of them all; after all, in ancient Sanskrit, ruby translated to “Ratnaraj”, which meant “king of precious stones" and, in addition [...]

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10 inspired Morganite engagement ring ideas

There’s no doubt that in South Africa right now, morganite rings are certainly the flavour of the moment. Big brand retail stores like American Swiss and Browns are promoting morganite on a significant scale and, as the South African economy weakens (again), the consumer-friendly price point of morganite makes it a popular choice for couples [...]

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Ruby nets $18million at Hong Kong auction

In the words of Vickie Sek, deputy chairman and director of Christie’s Asia jewelry department, “It’s the year of the ruby at Christie’s Hong Kong,”. Following a record-breaking ruby necklace sale in July, the exceptional Crimson Flame ruby sold for well-over the pre-sale estimates ($10 - $15million) by reaching a record-price of $18million. At a [...]

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The world’s largest star sapphire

Every so often, the gem world hears some news that makes it sit up and go “Wow”. Hearing about the discovery of the world’s biggest star sapphire was one such item of news. Discovered in Sri Lanka and weighing in at a massive 1,404, the sapphire bears more of a resemblance to a fancy paper-weight [...]

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Become the envy of your friends with Tsavorite

If you had to ask most people to name a green gemstone, emerald would probably be the first gem that comes to mind. Some may mention tourmaline, some may even mention peridot. Very few, however, would name “Tsavorite”, a great pity as it ranks as one of the most spectacular green gemstones around. Tsavorite is [...]

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An appetite for Apatite

Even if you consider yourself a gem aficionado, chances are you probably haven’t heard of Apatite. Not to be confused in spelling with the feeling of hunger, Apatite is starting to gain some attention in the jewellery world, and we’re delighted to be able to introduce it to you, our Katannuta Diamond clients. But what [...]

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887ct rough emerald to be auctioned

New York City based auction house Guernsey’s has announced the auction of the Marcial de Gomar Collection of rare emeralds on April 25th, 2017. Included in the auction will be the “la Gloria”, an 887ct piece of rough emerald, said to be of “museum quality”. Believed to be the largest rough emerald in the United [...]

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Why Tanzanite engagement rings are a terrible idea

At Katannuta Diamonds, our main priorities are honesty, integrity and consumer education. We’re not afraid to call a spade a spade and we’ll happily cut through the marketing blurb that the jewellery industry is famous for. It might make us unpopular, it might seem to go against the grain of the rest of the industry, [...]

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If you are a May baby, Emerald is your birthstone

Emerald is, without a doubt, the best known of the green gemstones, and the only green gemstone considered “precious”. Peridot, tourmaline and tsavorite are all green too, but are considered semi-precious gems and emerald is, of course, May’s birthstone. What makes emerald special? And what should you look out for if you’re buying emeralds? Emeralds are [...]

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