Is your birthday in May? Emerald is your birthstone.

Emerald is, without a doubt, the best known of the green gemstones, and the only green gemstone that is  considered “precious". It is the birthstone for May and has grown in popularity over the past few years as jewellery trends have moved towards coloured gemstones. Peridot, tourmaline and tsavorite are all other varieties of green [...]

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Tempting tourmaline, October’s second birthstone.

If opal doesn’t take your fancy, why not consider tourmaline? It's the newer version of October's birthstone and is available in a wide variety of colours. Considered a semi-precious gemstone, tourmaline is a semi-occurs in various shades of almost every hue. Tourmaline is mined in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Mozambique, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the U.S.A. Paraíba [...]

Tempting tourmaline, October’s second birthstone.2020-09-14T19:38:27+02:00

An obsession with opal (October’s birthstone)

If you’re lucky enough to be an October baby, you have two birthstones to choose from – opal and tourmaline. Both are equally gorgeous but they’re radically different to each other and require different levels of care. Let's start with opal.... Perhaps one of the most beautiful gemstones around, opal is a hydrous silicate mineral [...]

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Peacock sapphires steal the spotlight

Sapphires are September’s birthstone and as far as our clients and friends are concerned, right now there’s only one type of sapphire on people’s lips – peacock sapphires. But what are these gems that everybody is currently obsessed with? As we’ve mentioned before, sapphires come in a large variety of colours; every colour of the [...]

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10 Reasons to Rock a Ruby [July’s Birthstone]

10 Reasons to Rock a Ruby [July's Birthstone] Ruby is the quintessential red gemstone and, as July’s birthstone, we thought we’d share 10 great reasons for you to rock a ruby this season: 1. In ancient Sanskrit, rubies are called “Ratnaraj”, which means “The King of Gems”. 2. Rubies are the second hardest gemstone after [...]

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The Allure of Alexandrite

Of all the birthstones, June’s birthstone is perhaps the rarest of all. To many, alexandrite is an enigma; a gem they have heard of, but never seen. A gemstone chameleon, alexandrite has been described as “emerald by day; ruby by night”. Alexandrite is a unique and rare colour-changing variety of the mineral chrysoberyl, and was [...]

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Aquamarine is March’s Birthstone

Aquamarine is a timeless gemstone, and with its palette of blue hues, the colour of water and sky, is believed to embody eternal life. As the birthstone for March, it symbolises youth, hope, health and fidelity, and aquamarine’s soothing influence on married couples has made it a popular anniversary gift. Often, aquamarine is light in [...]

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Amethyst, the regal birthstone for February

With Valentine’s Day falling in the middle of this month, February is traditionally celebrated as the month of love. And, with rich, velvety purple hues, amethyst is the perfect birthstone for February. Purple is considered the most regal of colours and so, over time, amethyst has appeared frequently in royal and religious jewellery. Indeed, the [...]

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Garnet is January’s birthstone

“Garnets are such a boring birthstone”, lamented my January-born cousin, Amy, recently. Thinking I knew what she had in mind, I asked “What colour is garnet?”. “Dirty red-brown”, replied Amy, saying exactly what I’d expected her to say. Like most people, Amy had no idea that garnet was available in a wide range of colours, [...]

Garnet is January’s birthstone2020-09-14T19:38:40+02:00
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