What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

If you’ve spent any time recently browsing jewellery pages on Pinterest or Instagram, chances are you’ve come across “Salt and Pepper diamonds”. Currently one of the hottest jewellery trends in the world right now, South African gem lovers can’t get enough of these unique diamonds. Salt and Pepper diamonds hold a remarkable appeal right now. [...]

What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?2019-03-22T13:15:41+02:00

Large pink diamond sells for $8.8million

Gem Diamonds, owner of the world’s highest diamond mine, Letseng, has announced the sale of their most recently discovered pink diamond. Unearthed only a few weeks ago, in February, the 13.33ct pink diamond was the largest pink diamond discovered at Letseng since 2011. Photo: Gem Diamonds The diamond was sold via tender in [...]

Large pink diamond sells for $8.8million2019-03-15T15:37:43+02:00

Harry Winston buys record-breaking pink diamond

Each November, leading auction houses Sotheby’s and Christie’s hold back-to-back auctions on consecutive days, with each house auctioning a collection of exquisite, rare and collectible gems and jewellery. Often, records will fall at these auctions; highest diamond prices per carat and the highest price ever paid for a single diamond are just some of the [...]

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More flash for your cash: Maximising your engagement ring budget

We’re bombarded with bad news daily. The rand is weakening, the fuel price is sky-rocketing, the economy is shrinking and now, we’re on the brink of a recession. As a result, in 2018 your average South African has less disposable income than before, something that can certainly pose a serious challenge when you’re shopping for [...]

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Our chocolate, cognac and diamond launch

The 20th of June saw the exciting new launch of our collaboration with Chocoloza, a hand-made luxury chocolate brand based at 44 Stanley in Johannesburg. South African diamond lovers came together for a decadent evening of champagne, cognac, coffee, chocolate and of course diamonds and jewellery. One of most common questions our co-founder Clare Appleyard [...]

Our chocolate, cognac and diamond launch2018-06-28T16:45:30+02:00

Sale of “Peace Diamond” to benefit local community

It is an oft-noted fact that some of the world’s most expensive diamonds have been mined in some of the world’s poorest countries. When these diamonds sell for millions of dollars on the international market a very valid question would be “Has the local community benefitted from the recovery of this diamond?” and if not, [...]

Sale of “Peace Diamond” to benefit local community2017-11-28T15:11:08+02:00

$100m diamond display in Australia

Australian jeweller Linney’s has unveiled the most valuable jewellery display ever on the continent. Currently on display in Perth, the collection features a selection of red, pink and violet diamonds recovered from Australia’s famous Argyle diamond mine. Argyle is the world’s leading supplier of pink diamonds and, with the mine scheduled to close in 2021, [...]

$100m diamond display in Australia2017-11-28T15:09:59+02:00

Russia’s largest pink diamond found

Russian mining company Alrosa, the world’s largest diamond producer of diamonds by carat, has announced the discovery of a 27.85ct pink diamond. Typically, natural pink diamonds are mined mostly in Australia with some significant discoveries in Africa. Previously the largest pink diamond found in Russia was less than 4cts in weight. This large gem quality [...]

Russia’s largest pink diamond found2017-11-28T15:09:11+02:00

Fancy coloured diamonds on auction in September

Blue continues to be the hottest colour on the diamond auction block and of the Top 10 diamonds auctioned in 2016, four of them were blue. This September, another 2 blue diamonds will go under the hammer at two different auctions, along with a number of other fine jewels and gems. On the 20th September, [...]

Fancy coloured diamonds on auction in September2017-11-28T15:08:29+02:00