Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends in 2019 [South Africa edition]

Engagement ring trends are quite often a merry-go-round. A particular style will come into fashion, hang around for a few years and then disappear, often into relative obscurity. It’s hard not to get caught up [...]

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What’s the deal with lab-grown diamonds? [And should you buy them?]

Lab-grown diamonds are not a new phenomenon, despite what the media may have you believe. Since the 1950’s, both De Beers and General Electric have been manufacturing synthetic diamonds, purely for industrial applications (for example [...]

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Why we don’t sell cheap diamonds [or cheap jewellery]

When we launched Katannuta Diamonds in 2007, we knew that we were entering a luxury goods market with significant competition. We also knew that we would never compromise on quality to offer the lowest prices; [...]

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Graff reveals the record-breaking Lesedi la Rona diamond

If you pay any attention to the diamond industry, you’ll know that one name is synonymous with big diamonds. Graff. Graff Diamonds was founded by Laurence Graff in 1960 and, over the last 59 years, [...]

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