Is diamond fluorescence bad, or good? [and does it matter?]

Until relatively recently, fluorescence in a diamond was something that only gemologists and geologists paid attention to. For most of the jewellery buying public, the traditional 4C’s, as defined by the GIA (cut, colour, clarity [...]

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11 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for 2020 [South Africa edition]

For over 500 years, the 14th of February has been celebrated around the world as Valentine’s Day. Despite its origins as a Christian feast day (it is still observed in Anglican and Lutheran calendars), it’s hard [...]

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We want to be the best jeweller in South Africa [not the cheapest]

We’re not trying to be the cheapest manufacturing jeweller in South Africa. We’re trying to be the best manufacturing jeweller in South Africa. There’s a lot of competition in the diamond, gemstone and manufacturing jeweller [...]

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Tempting tourmaline, October’s second birthstone.

If opal doesn’t take your fancy, why not consider tourmaline? It's the newer version of October's birthstone and is available in a wide variety of colours. Considered a semi-precious gemstone, tourmaline is a semi-occurs in various shades [...]

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An obsession with opal (October’s birthstone)

If you’re lucky enough to be an October baby, you have two birthstones to choose from – opal and tourmaline. Both are equally gorgeous but they’re radically different to each other and require different levels [...]

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