Australian jeweller Linney’s has unveiled the most valuable jewellery display ever on the continent. Currently on display in Perth, the collection features a selection of red, pink and violet diamonds recovered from Australia’s famous Argyle diamond mine.

Argyle is the world’s leading supplier of pink diamonds and, with the mine scheduled to close in 2021, prices on Argyle’s fancy pink diamonds have been increasing by 10-15% a year over the past decade.

The highlight of the Linneys’ display is doubtless a ring containing the Argyle VioletTM, a 2.83-carat fancy deep grayish bluish violet diamond recovered by Rio Tinto recovered from the iconic Western Australia mine.

The Argyle Violet was the top lot from last year’s Argyle Pink Diamond Tender and was purchased by New York based L.J West Diamonds. In the ring, the Argyle Violet is surrounded by 10 round vivid pink Argyle diamonds (total weight 0.83cts) and two heart-shaped vivid pink Argyle diamonds (total weight 0.67cts). In total the $15million ring contains 4.33cts of natural fancy coloured diamonds.

Also featured in the collection is the Argyle TheaTM, a 2.24ct Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink diamond, set in a classical platinum ring and the $7.5million Magnificent 8 Bracelet, comprising 7 oval-cut pink diamonds and a vivid blue diamond.

In total, more than 75 pieces of jewellery and coloured diamonds are on display as part of the collection and, in the words of Linneys’ Director David Fardon, “Featuring the finest coloured diamonds from the Argyle diamond mine and across the globe, this exclusive showcase represents rarity never before seen.”

Picture courtesy Linneys’